Jul. 22nd, 2011

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One of the major cons, in my opinion, is that eventually one or maybe both of them would feel an emotional attachment to one another far outside the bonds of friendship. If one is looking for sex with no strings attached, it would be much better to look for someone outside a close friend. Once the friends with benefits things ended, there's a friendship screwed to hell.

I also think a con is that the two participants haven't actually thought through the long term effects. If they are close enough to agree to have sex with each other, are they close enough to willingly forfeit friendship? If they ever go back to being 'just friends' there is going to be a lot of awkwardness heaped upon them. No one comes back from a friendship-turned-relationship (of sorts) the same way as they went into it.
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The idiot who lost it certainly doesn't need to have it back; if he'd taken better care of it and made sure it was still where he'd put it, he'd still have it. No, I'd probably keep it. As selfish as that might seem, I'd have a lot more things I could do with that money. Every time we get change for our purchases, don't we technically have someone else's money in which they'd brought to the register that day? What's the difference between it coming from a cash register than being found on the ground? In both cases, the owner literally gave it away. Finders keepers, losers weepers.


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