Sep. 22nd, 2011

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I'm just starting on the first season, and already I am in love. I absolutely love how the characters have been portrayed; the unabashed sex scenes, the drug use and how they deal with the issues that the GLBT community face. Why can't more television shows be brave like this and tell it how it is?

Also, I'm totally in love with Brian and Justin and their relationship. I love that their not really apart of the cliche gay guys, the ones who seem to have caught onto the PMS vibe and gone all emotional. The characters are treated as though they are real people, which they are, and they have real lives and don't take shit off anyone.

I'm so glad that I came across this series, and though I know how it is going to end because I spoiled myself, I can't wait to travel down the road and get to the final episode. I admit to being a little worried about this series, unsure of how it was all going to be played out, but now I can't wait to find the series on DVD and just sit back and watch. I don't think I'd be patient enough to just find a website and watch, because I'm always antsy on the Internet ...

What do you guys think about this series? Have you ever heard of it before? If you haven't, go watch!!


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