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Title; A Winter Rose

Author; Tarklovishki

Pairing; Dean/Castiel

Rating; M

Spoilers/Warnings; Completely AU.

Summary; Dean Winchester had always wondered about the Novak family that had been banished from the town of Winter a hundred years ago, who lived in that strange Gothic house on the mountain. Finally, after years of wondering, he goes to investigate.

Authors Notes; This will be a story about five to seven chapters in length.

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Not sure how many people have seen this, but I just found this ... holy fucking crap! *Fans self* It's from the show Queer as Folk. I must go watch this show, thanks to this video; 


Credit to the creator of this video.
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The writers of Merlin are fucking lazy! This show is turning into a train-wreck from hell. I mean *SPOILER* Gwen gets moved up - promoted into a character that gets everything they want, but shows how she'll do nothing but kiss Arthur to get it - but Merlin stays a mere servant! What the fuck?! This show is called MERLIN not "Arthur and Gwen's love story"! In the legend Arthur knows about Merlin's magic, and doesn't he get promoted to the King's Advisor or something? 

How can you do this to a character that the show is based upon? There is nothing fresh about this show; the only reason I watch it now is to get the Colin/Bradley chemistry that looks so slashy on screen when they're in character. If, by the fifth season - depending if they have a fifth season - Merlin doesn't show Arthur his magic and get promoted somehow, I can officially say that this show had a lot of potential, but the writers got lazy and fucked everything up.

You know what, you know what? I am going  to write a series based on Merlin, keeping the little idea that they're the same age. I am going to write it how I think it should have been done - and then I'm going to publish the damn thing and show the shows lazy writers how the fuck it is done. There's a reason why they call it "plot development" and "character development" and "get your head out of your lazy ass-ment".

I'm so close to screaming right now, because I used to love this show so much!

(I'm still adamantly saying that King Arthur and Merlin got it on when nobody else was looking - just because Gwen didn't have the pleasure stick that King Arthur needed so badly).
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I need someone to draw something for me for my incubus story called "Within Temptation."

See, Draco is an incubus but I'm finding it really hard to envision him in my mind the way that he needs to look. If someone could draw him for me, that would be really great.

He's standing on Harry's doorstep, too. He's wearing leather boots and pants, his wings are out, and his blond hair is covering one half of his face. Other than that, the rest can be up to you; you can give him tats or body piercings. Plus, you can draw what you think Harry'll look like knowing that a sex demon just appeared on his doorstep.

The person who draws this can ask for anything to happen in the story - except sex; that a given considering an incubus is sex demon.

Thank you in advance.

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Title; Safety You Crave
Author; Tarklovishki
Summary; In Half-Blood Prince Harry stupidly decides to stalk Draco on the train to get information. Here, we see what MIGHT have happened if he'd taken a different approach. This approach does not involve getting his nose broken.
Warnings; Erm, none?
Disclaimer; I do not own Harry Potter.


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