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Title; Never a Happy Ending

Author; Tarklovishki

Rating; M

Summary; Sam thought he'd be happy once the Apocalypse was over, when Lucifer and Michael were trapped in the cage and unable to break free. He thought wrong.

Warnings/Spoilers; Character death, some angst. No spoilers.

Authors Notes; I was in a really shit mood when I wrote this. I'm feeling a lot better now. Um, sorry if this is crap, by the way. I understand that this would be unlikely to happen, but I needed to just write it.

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Title; Flying with the Clouds

Rating; PG

Summary; Castiel has the best way to cure Dean's fear of flying.

Authors Notes;I was in the mood for a bit of fluff, and then I saw a photo on Tumblr, and then this was born. :D If it's bad, then I'm just in one of those moods. 3

Flying with the Clouds

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Title; Silence Between Kingdoms

Rating; NC17 for later sex scenes, graphic violence, murder, torture, swearing,

Summary; A month after Castiel becomes Dean's hunting partners; he gets desperate calls from heaven urging him to come back for his own good. He ignores them in favour of being with Dean. Something crawled out of hell through the hole that Sam fell through, something that has its sights set on Dean. Very quickly, Castiel becomes Dean's only hope of survival. Destiel.

Author's Notes; I haven't watched the entire season 6, only six episodes, and I've only seen Slash Fiction from season 7 so my knowledge of what goes down is flimsy, so I'm going to make a lot of stuff up. Dean will have a personality change, as will Cas, and don't worry; Sam will be in this story, just not for a while. I love Sam, I do, but he doesn't fit into this. I'm hoping to update this every week, but I'm not going to make any promises because I write when I feel up to it because I'm susceptible to illnesses and headaches.

Silence Between Kingdoms

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Getting back into the Supernatural fandom feels great; it feels like I've come home from a long, exhausting trip. <3 I'm home! :D


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